My favorite Time Wasting Sites on the Internet

Beware, these things may waste more time than you have. You have been warned.

Type Rating Fandom Where Why I like to waste time on this
Forum PG-13 (technically) Role-playing Gaia Online It's fun dressing up pixels and role-playing.
Fiction PG-13;
for certain stories
Cats Jellicle Chronicles I love the musical, Cats! I also enjoy this author's writing and his take on the relationships of the characters. Also, he is very dedicated to keeping up his site... unlike some people I know. :: Cough :: Myself included.
Comic PG-13 Geek stuff Real Life I do like this comic... it isn't exactly RL but who cares? Geekiness abounds.
Flash PG Furry SamBakZa Mostly in Korean, but that should not stop you from enjoying the animation! I love There She Is! So very cute.
Flash PG-13 Fantasy, mostly Bitey Castle I cannot say how much I admire this guy's talent. Very, very talented...
Flash PG Random Spinnerdisc Home of the Tiny Plaid Ninjas and Penguin Calls. Great stuff, that. I just wish there were more!
Graphics PG-13 Superman Superdickery I dunno... I always thought that Superman was too strong for his own good and now here are tons of pictures proving what a big bully he really is. Superdickery indeed.
Comic PG-13 Sci-Fi/ Fantasy The Rift I'm always impressed with the people who start their own original stories and actually keep up with it. This girl's comic is still going and I cannot wait to see where it may take me.
Comic R Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden I love the TMNTs! Except, they are teenagers no longer. Not only is this a well drawn and well written story, it's full of angsting with Raphael and Michaelangelo. I only wish that it didn't take me such a short time to read.
Comic R Boy/Boy Friendly Hostility I quite enjoyed reading Boy Meets Boy, the Prequel to this comic. I suggest you waste time reading that and then continue with FH. Good stuff.
Fan Fiction PG-13; R for some Gargoyles Gargoyles Fan So, Gargoyles... only one of the most supberb cartoons to come out ever! So what if it was Disney? I doubt they knew what they were getting into when they picked this up. I wasted more time reading The Gargoyles Saga than I care to admit.
Comic PG-13 Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Girl Genius OMG! Phil Foglio drew this and he's so awesome! Seriously. I love his artwork.
Comic PG-13 Roaring Twenties Lackadaisy I love cats. I love period pieces. I love anthros. This comic is full of great characters, artwork, and a funny story. Love it muchly!
Video G Talented Pinay Happy Slip She is awesome! What else is there to say? She is a funny actress and a talented musician and singer and she can mimic. Everything a Filipino should be able to do.
Comic PG-13 Geek stuff VG Cats The fact that I only started reading this in 2007 just means I had too many things to read before, that is all.

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